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II KINGS 2:6-15

Intro: One of the trademarks about the ministry of Elijah was the prominence of his mantle. In I Kings 19:13 Elijah is in a cave running scared from Jezebel, but he still had his mantle and wrapped his face in it as he went out to see if God was in the wind, the earthquake, the fire, or the still small voice. In I Kings 19:19, he cast his mantle on Elisha symbolizing God’s call on Elisha’s life to a spirit-filled ministry. Yet, in no place is it more prevalently seen than in our text. His mantle is used to part the waters, and it is left behind to Elisha. First, let us discover the significance of the mantle for the people of this time and what lessons we learn from that seeing the mantle as a symbol of the anointing Spirit of God. Then we will look at Elijah’s mantle. Notice:

  1. Mantle Was An Outer Garment: It was worn on top of the rest. The mantle of God’s anointing is not the first garment. It is added only to those who have first been clothed in salvation’s robe. Being an outer garment, it was impossible to hide. Everybody could see it.
  2. Mantle Was Usually Made Of Wool Or Even Sheep-skin: It could only be provided by the sacrifice of the Lamb.
  3. The Mantle Had Slits Not Sleeves: This gave the people freedom to move. The anointing of God is not a mold to fit into; it is the freedom to be what God wants you to be. No two anointed people are just alike, but they are both just like what God wants them to be!
  4. Mantle Had Blue Fringes On The Border To Remind Them To Keep The Commandments Of God (Num 15:38): If you want to be anointed, you need to be reminded.
  5. Mantle Was Used For A Blanket: it was not just a source of power but also a source of comfort. John 14:26, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”
  6. Mantle Could Not Be Taken As Collateral For A Loan: The anointing can not be loaned out… you can’t live on someone else’s mantle!
  7. Mantle Was Protection From The Elements: In the sun, it was a shade. In the wind, it was a shield. In the rain, it was a cover. In the cold, it was warmth. It was flexible and suitable for all times and seasons.
  8. Mantle Allowed The Jew To Carry Hidden Items Needed For The Journey: Many people see just a mantle, but the one wearing it knows beneath that outer garment lies everything he needs to make the trip.

No Character In The Bible Is More Closely Tied To His Mantle Than Elijah. Notice:

I. Tossed His Mantle: I Kings 19:19. He cast his mantle on Elisha according to God’s commandment. It let Elisha know what God had planned for his life. Everyone who is anointed of God casts their mantle. God chooses who that they cast it on. It is much like Peter’s shadow (Acts 5:15). It may be your children, others in the church, or those you work with, but you are tossing your mantle on those God chooses to see it.

II. Twisted His Mantle: v. 8, Sometimes, God will let you do more than wear the mantle. Sometimes he will let you use the mantle. You can use it when you need to make impossible crossings. You can use it to experience a demonstration of his power. You can use it to understand his plan. Notice that Elijah was skillful in using it. He had practiced for this moment in solitude. Get alone with God and seek his anointing, and you will be prepared to act on it when situations present themselves.

III. Threw His Mantle: v. 13, He needed it no more. He was going to a land where he would be completely surrounded by the presence of God.

IV. Elisha Took The Mantle: God had given him his desire, the same power, in a double portion, that Elijah had. And He accepted it.

Conclusion: Here is the question for you. Many old time saints have gone on, and the mantle is waiting for you. Will you gladly seek it and receive it? Will you joyfully seek the plan and the power of God on your life? The mantle has been cast, will you wear it?

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